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The overview of the facility (left) shows the 18 fields and their relative sizes and locations within the facility.

The fields will serve a variety of tournament and league play ranging from the smallest of players to High School level play. 

Two full sized fields capable of hosting developing young future professionals will be the anchor points of the complex.
This rendition (right) provides a look at the smaller fields contained in Phase 1 construction.  It will proved tournament and league activities to regional and local teams and organizations.
Each of these fields will be constructed to create the best surfaces and fields available to enhance the players and facilities performance.
The small white dots you see on the walkway surfaces are home plate shaped designs!
This rendition (left) is an example of the elegance of the landscape design of the facility. 
The running water adds to the outdoor experience of the facility and creates mixes the experience as both an athletic facility and a park like atmosphere.
Throughout the facility the architects have woven the natural aesthetics of the outdoors, sporting competition and park like environments together into one community focused complex.
Another view (right) of the landscaping design of the CPYS facility.
Here the designer has blended the walkways into the natural flow of the facility providing a unique blend of park atmosphere with the ability to relax as a spectator to the activities on the fields.
One of the facilities predominate features is visible in this rendition-- the openness of the complex.
In the view to the left we see a glimpse of one of the gazebo style stadium stand areas. 
Furnished with picnic tables, tables and stools, grills and other features this location will be a great place for the whole family to watch their sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends as they play in league games or tournaments.
A view of the Restroom facilities at the site.  These facilities are ADA compliant and will provide clean close proximity access to the guests and players at the facility.
To the left is a flyover style rendition of one of the many fields at the facility.  This provides a perspective on the layout, fencing, scale and viewing areas available at each of the 18 fields.
Here we see two of the numerous CPYS fields in perspective to each other as shown in the overall view at the top of this page.